2016 presidential

Someone has to be kidding me. If that’s all we got? Only Rand Paul qualifies
if there are to be some real changes to this Country. Still we have not enough candidates that are ‘Statesmen”. with world leadership qualities.
Which has been the problem all along. And will be again, unless all voters
on both sides of the isle wake up and get into he usual popularity contest
mode.  Instead , we have war amongst Americans. Created by the messiah
Obama ( a P.R, stunt president) Who has pitted black against white, Special
interests against special interests. Conservatives against Liberals and turned this country into a free for all. For the world to observe and
disrespect. Think about it. Just what qualities are a “must” for the rank of
Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free world. ( If America is to be the
leader of the free world) A puzzle of it’s own.
The spin for the 2016 election is beginning as we speak. Just maybe,
a little guy from mars will appear with superior knowledge , wisdom,
peace and freedom loving, to show us the way.
Sure as hell in the last six years our great Messiah has taken this country ,
into the pit of a uncivilized pit of disparity, suffering and corruption……
Noting, that lately , even the raising of the American flag is becoming
Un American practice to some… idiots of course. But wait. There are two years to go and more executive orders. Happy Happy, Happy.

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