A confusing world

Not only a confusing world.  It’s totally out of control.
And the democrats are not helping any. While the world
is at the edge of war, they are still playing the games
with the hate Trump cards , with the fake news liberal
media broadcasting their hate with lies and more venom
And then there is the no good congress.
Investigate the investigations . Spending the peoples
money and time on” investigate everything”. Yet they
never come up with a single bit of evidence for
anything. On the international front in the past few weeks since the strike on Syria we were close to
war on many fronts. The middle east, Afghanistan
Russia, Korea While the president was having
dinner with the head of china. Imagine the magnitude
of this circus? Insanity prevails while the liberals
instead of being real Americans grind away at the
administration of President Trump without mercy with
their heart filled with hate still not getting over the fact
that Hillary did no win the election. So far it sure
looks like president Trump has made all the right
decisions and is fulfilling his promise made to  the
American people. Just what is it that the liberals
don’t get?

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