A Powder Keg

An Opinion. The Ukraine. A powder keg that could easily ignite into
world war 3. The untimate Global catastrophe. As John Bolton, former U.S.
Ambassador to the United Nations warned; Putin has nothing standing in
his way to proceed with conquest of the entire Ukraine. Certainly
he has nothing standing in the way from Barack Obama who has
weakened the United States to such a degree that any strong intelligent
leader has nothing to fear.
Putin. Mentored and trained from the ground up by the KGB has only to
decide if he wants a old communist Stalin like Russia ? Or, the old Russian
Empire back? Whatever his decision is, he is and will be the leader of the new Russia. A dictator either way. Ruthless, calculating and very determined.
In comparison Obama is; A has been ever since he took office. A man who
has sunk america into the pit of disparity, suffering and hopelessness
as he managed to take away our pride and self respect as the most
powerful country in the world.
A sad scenario and opinion. Further , the move of Nato troops
including American contingents into the Baltic is another sign of expectations that Putin will not be satisfied with Ukraine. But while
no one wants to hear doomsday messages. It does not take Einstein
to figure out , of what has been a clear plan for some six years if
not longer. Anyone who would suggest that this was a global plan
well organized and laid out by world leaders on purpose and for some
time. Naturally would be rebuked as a Conspiracy theorist.
In he meantime, one can expect that the mid term elections will be greatly
affected by every issue in connection with global politics and what the U.S
does if the Ukraine explodes.

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