A prediction

From no other then” Arturo”: It does not matter who your next
president is.The suffering will come for the next generation.
Because even now you are not using your heads and the issue
of ” water” has not even become a topic of the presidential campaigns
and the average of “you people” have not a clue of what water really
means to the human body and life on earth. You are all alike on this
planet. You just don’t care . As long as you have your shower. hot tub
swimming pool and a toilet flush.Water from in any source  and in abundance.
You don’t care about  filtered tap water in bottles which costs you over one dollar in your grocery store. You don’t realize that city dwellers are drinking
re cycled waste water. Then you wonder why there is already so much
suffering and your are continuously plagued with health issues . You are not just what you eat. “You are what you drink”. While totally oblivious to these facts , you neglect to notice that the wealthy are buying up and securing water rights to every available water source they can get their hands on. And , that the government is , or will soon demand control of all fresh water sources on your north American continent .
Canada’s provincial government bodies have already made such
proposals in local community areas. Facing much rejection if not
outrage. At a recent Starlight Society meeting I was asked ; Where is
the solution to this existing and growing problem.? Too many beings on this
planet shower daily and  commit their body waist to once pure and clean
streams and rivers. You do every single day multiplied by some
250 million people. “You people” have been avoiding the problem for
far too long. Therefore it does no even take an alien to predict the
future for you. A dismal future in which water will be worth more then
any precious metal on this planet . No United Nations, No Government
will be able to control the masses fighting for life; “Water”.
A faithful servant of the Starlight Society.

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