It seems that the liberals and millennials have lost sight
of God and all that is sacred. Including but not limited to
love of country.Family values. Integrity. Manners and
civility.The dumbing down of America has met with considerable success. Even the Trump Presidency can not undo or fix the damage that has already been done.
Illiteracy, the absence of basic skills, family first values
and instinctive entrepreneurial skills have been replaced
by non sensical special interests and life styles that put
Drugs, Booze,sex and irresponsible actions on the front
of their agendas. The greatest innovation ever created
The Internet , intended for the good of civilization, eduction ,communications , information and entertainment has become, together with the mainstream media a mind killing machine were even the very young can access the worst of mind destructive garbage and porn. Yet the largest and most powerful destroyer of America has turned out to be Hollywood. Wholly responsible for the dumbing down of America . Once responsible for providing good entertainment. enlightenment and escapism from hard work and daily worries, is now the biggest supplier of foul language . special effects orgy’s,featuring
drugs,blood. guts and sex. Exporting what now is perceived as American culture to the rest of the world .
The dumbing down of America program is not only real
but began some time ago and proceeded at lightening speed.Much of the responsibility lies squarely on the
shoulders of the liberals , Hollywood and the communications media including news,television , video games, I phones and portions of the internet .
A Godless society can not survive. Yet there are destructive
forces at work as mentioned above , who will stop at
nothing to succeed. They are well on the way of doing just that. Much will depend on President Trump’s Education
plan for Americans and the will of those who still believe
and guide their daily lives in traditional ways, with discipline
good manners and integrity.

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