All about aliens

Legal ones. friendly ones . All come with a green
card and are here as legal residents.
” My Little Aliens ” are just waiting for adoption
attention and affection. ” My Little Aliens” are nothing like: ” My Pillow” You should not sleep on them but you can sleep with them. You can rub their little butts if you like. They are
friendly little Aliens. They will win friends for
you and be the topic of conversations ; ” My Little
Aliens” could well be compared as an “Encounter
of the fifth kind”. Recently cleared by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security.
Easy to adopt. easy to love . No space travel
necessary. Once the top secret lid comes off
you too can be a  proud pal of; My Little Aliens”
Nothing  like ” My Pillow” which you can only sleep on.
“My little Aliens” go with you where ever you go
and whom ever you sleep with.
The ” My Little Alien’s History began in l947 when
they first arrived in new Mexico uninvited. By force
they were transported to nevada for observation
and experimentation so to obtain Immigration
visas to the United States of America. ” My little
Aliens have evolved since then and have become
the friendliest little Aliens in the good ole USA.
Now that the Government lid has been lifted
the word is getting out. Don’t just sleep on
a My Pillow. Take advantage of the bigger
connection that is yours with ” My Little Aliens”
Watch for further news and confidential reports…
Become a friend of ” My little Aliens”.Right here on

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