Amazon Piracy

One would never guess. Ahat Amazon is responsible for aiding more
Intellectual property thief’s and pirates then any other internet
source.  Any pirate or crook can put items on Amazon for sale. Amazon
charges a nice piece of change for putting the items up of sale. If anyone
complains and informs Amazon that it violates someone’s copyright
or intellectual rights. Amazon simply ignores it .They are un touchable
because of the DMCA( Digital Millennium Copyright act of l996), which
protects the middle man or server. Thanks to the idiocy and corruption of the United States congress. In plain english: Amazon is a facilitator or accomplice in  criminal acts, but can get away with it, because of the negligence of our law makers. This of course goes to prove one thing:
The big guys who have a staff of lawyers can get away with murder.
The poor slob who copies and sells an illegal DVD gets nailed to the
full extent of the law.  At the time of this writing, Amazon continues o
offer and sell products for thief’s and crooks .And profits from it.
A win win for Amazon.And its sucking canal water for the rightful owners of intellectual property. Some were down the line Amazon has to be
stopped for taking an active part in crime……

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