America is next

Europe will change in a twinkle of and eye. Predicted by
Edgar Cayce now has become a reality, with the influx of
mid eastern immigrants at such an alarming rate , that no
protest or public outcry can or will change it.
Some twenty years ago this writer predicted that the
European Union would not last .
The exit of the UK from the EU has proven to be the beginning` of that prediction. Surly other countries will
follow suit for sake of maintaining their independence, freedom and cultures.

All the signs are in place to now move
the United States under the umbrella of the New
World order with a socialistic progressive administration
that will be accountable only  to the global power players.
It is difficult to imagine Donald Trump winning the
presidential election under these circumstances. Trump, no doubt, will receive the popular vote, while Hillary will win through the very much rigged electoral process. If this does not result in a revolution like never seen before, a socialist, big brother is watching America is born .
If there is one hope to avoid total disaster. This great white
hope may indeed be Vladimir Putin .And if , further damaging
Clinton e mails are released to jail Hillary , it may be the
only way to avoid America becoming a socialist , if not
communist nation.

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