America the weak.

Unbelievable. What do American’s do and think when they finally realize that
this great nation  is becomig the weakest and most vulnerable nation in the world?
The entire world already knows, we have a corrupt and in fighting government.
Are weakening our defenses. Are the targets to massive cyber war fare from
China and and are a cultural disaster. What culture?
It does not take brain surgeons or professors to see where this is going
Just a tiny bit of intelligence and common sense goes a long way.
The Obama administration is a travesty and a road to dictatorship type
socialism. I if not full blown communism.
Where are the patriots? Good God America . Wake up.
Things will get worse. How long will it take for Korea or Iran to
play with their nuclear arsenal . The cold war years were nothing
to what we are facing now. I don’t know about any one else,
but I see disaster. And one does not have to be a conspiracy lover
to see the big picture.
Wake up America.

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