America wake up

What kind of country have we become? We don’t fight wars . We send our young
soldiers into  nation building ” Conflicts” to be murdered and executed. Even an American Embassy is no longer safe. We are no longer
helping other nations. We just help kill their leaders when they have served
their purpose and then manage destroy the rest of the country in the name of
democracy and Freedom?   Strange. As long as media and government tell us
” America is doing the right thing ” we the people,  are alright with it. And,.. Let it all happen.
In the meantime at home. We the People; Are being lied to and
deceived while our freedoms are being taken away inch by inch.
We are being chocked with regulations,injustices , propaganda,false information
and political bullshit and more lies. Enough to sink a battleship.
But not enough to wake up the sheep . Sorry. Did I call “us” the sheep?
It must be true. Because we are allowing it to all to happen and go on…. And on…. And on.
One must wonder what might happen if and when the “Sheep” wake up?
And realize that they have been led down a primrose path?
Regardless of political leanings, age, religious views, status in life, education
or personal dispositions or financial standing. Sooner or later unity, nationalism
and pride in ;”America and what it stands for ” has to emerge in young and old.
Then what? Could that ever happen? America waking up???
Ask yourself.
Bill Rebane Journal, for a better America

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