ARGO the movie

ARGO in the number 2 box office slot according to the
Hollywood Reporter. And again giving the old cult classic movie
The Giant Spider Invasion new legs. Amazing. While a clip from the
Giant Spider Invasion only  a short spot in ARGO it has a much bigger
spot in the whole back story of the movie ARGO and it ‘s creation.
Or, did it inspire the Iran Hostage crisis solution in l997 ?Keep hearing
mixed stories but no confirmation about the original concept writer

of ARGO . But no confirmed reports of how all  this came about .
Please enlighten me. Never the less over 35 years later this
cult classic gets more exposure then most old flicks in the mill
from those days. On Oct 6 The Giant Spider Invasion played at the
Oriental theater to a packed house during the Milwaukee film
festival. End of of this month it will be playing on a big screen drive in
in Jacksonville Florida at an American Cancer Society benefit .
In the meantime, requests are coming in for a few more big screen Showings
from Southern Wisconsin and Texas. Irrespective of the $ 300.000 low budget.
A volkswagen spider . And an  impromptu script can do three decades later for a movie.
Necessity is the mother of inventions really was the case here. Together
with the great and late Robert Easton genius for lines like ;”  You can’t tell rice crispies from Rabbit turds”. and,… “I got some more  hot rocks for ya”.
No doubt, I will have to see ARGO and somewhere down the line thank
Warner Brothers , Ben Affleck and and the whole ARGO production team
for reviving an old low budge flick and sending a check to boot.
I suppose; They could have used Jaws. But the Spider may have had a bigger bite after all,……
Bill Rebane

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