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And with not so  encouraging comments.
Obama at the UN address:   Lies and fabrications
proving that he does not live in the real world and certainly does not give a damn about America. In his own words:
Everything is just wonderful. American lives have
improved.The Economy is Strong.America has never
been better of. America is respected in the global
community . Violence is at it’s lowest level ever.
What planet does Obama live on ?
And then there is Hillary. Repeating , using different
words,  everything that has brought Trump to the
forefront of the news.  The deaf and dumb
liberals just keep following her further dividing the
country and guaranteeing more of Obama’s America.
Predictions: If through the rigged  voting system
HRC gets the presidency, all Americans  will have, like it
or not, embraced and contributed to the New World Order taking over America. Becoming the equivalent to the European union countries over run by mid eastern immigrants  and sharia law.

Trump on the other hand, being the negotiator that he is,if he should receive an overwhelming vote count,  will prevent another cold war with Russia by dealing with Putin with such  business tactics that will open commercial trade between the two countries and  will make both America and Russia economically strong and far more prosperous. Both Russia and the United States then will be able to deal withNorth Korea and Iran to avoid the otherwise inevitable nuclear end of all.

Other predictions;  The Dollar will be devaluated 30 to50 % due to the massive and uncontrolled printing of  paper currencies by most all nations The internet  will no longer be” Free” very soon. It will turn into a monster no one ever expected. In the meantime US   education system will  become one of the  worst  on earth. Only then will Americans realize that progress is not always good.But instead it  is a fierce enemy  to the masses .   The internet was a long range plan of the New  World Order to control the masses , The very reason why  it was  free .

Over population and  assimilation of cultures  and races, Obama’s prime objective will become  the bigger problem for even the new world order.

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