by Bill Rebane July 6.2017

Variety mix you don’t read in the Hollywood Reporter or

Balcony Theater , Powell River Canada ready
to begin with it’s Global VOD service second week in July.
So far as one can tell. it’s the best and  the  most cost effective service viewers could ask for.
In conjunction with Balcony Theater VCI Entertainment will be looking for acquisitions of new product. Features and documentaries………. Visit Balcony Theater at info.balcony theater  on the net for further info.

Enderby Entertainment is proud of it’s slogan ; Old fashioned principles behind it’s choice of film making.
That seems questionable. However they are very good
at the old fashioned way of acquiring screenplays
by simply acquiring them through illegal means………

Digi Dreams- Germany is sold out of platinum collectors
box set of the Giant Spider Invasion cult classic five
disc set. A VCI Entertainment release. Unfortunately
right now it’s in German only…..

Wisconsin: Independent Artists Pictures announces
it is going into preparation of a major film ; Curenty
titled ” The Hemp Trial”. a tense court room drama
controversial to say the least as it will question the
practices and decisions of the United States Congress
and the FDA with respect to foot dragging in connection with the medicinal benefits of the hemp and marijuana plants …….

Rumors have it VCI Entertainment, ( Tulsa Oklahoma)
is finished with distribution with Cinedigm and moving
some of it’s major film library content else where.
Unconfirmed is that MVD may end up with a decent
portion of it……
The book “Money for Movies” a valuable tool for
film makers and investors out soon on Amazon
followed shortly thereafter with the book; “Story Driven”

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