Balcony Theater braces to launch

By Bill Rebane – Movie Blurbs 10/15/17
Balcony, the new kid on the block as a major delivery system to bring vintage movies to the forefront of movie fans around the globe is waiting only to offer the free Apps for customers to download.  Balcony theater ties into the massive library of VCI Entertainment of Tulsa Oklahoma to bring viewers a huge variety of vintage and classic entertainment on a steady continuing basis.  Balcony in co operation with VCI is also continuously looking  new innovative motion pictures product to expand it’s offerings. What Netflix is to viewers of “New Movies” ,    Balcony will be the venue for nostalgia and special genre vintage film lovers around the globe. A worthwhile shot for all movie enthusiasts and collectors. Digitally re mastered and many HD blue ray DVD’s of the huge library will also be offered on Balcony Theater at competitive or special rates.

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