By; Bill Rebane July 2.17
In a world of digital media streaming and video on demand
everybody it seems is getting into the act. Content is king.
And it’s a crowded field out there.The key is flawless VOD
delivery and variety of entertainment product offered.This
is were some services stand out and some do not.
This were the new venue “Balcony” which
goes public world wide beginning of July stands out
as it hits the market with hundreds of hours of entertainment with the VCI Entertainment library. Which will offer
a huge variety of motion pictures from classics to independent films and some of the most popular television shows of the l9th century. With innovative technology geared for the next century. Balcony Theater looks
promising and is suddenly attracting attention from a
variety of independent distributors and producers from
around the globe. The more content offered the
wider the viewer circle. The combination of such spells
one thing; Success Check it out; Info. balcony theater

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