Betrayed by Congress

If and when the “Do Nothing Congress” actually does something to help America and the people it will be too late.
The representative we elected are not only stupid but
totally irresponsible and moving in direction of going to
war. And, It’s not just with Korea ,but  Iran , Russia if not with the rest of the world as well. Their current decision to limit the President’s powers in dealing with Russia is insane. Actually increasing sanctions with Russia basically puts our secretary of state into the worst and weakest position any diplomat and negotiator could be in.
The world wide reactions to increasing sanctions are the proof of the correctness of this writing. It won’t result in just a “Cold War” with Russia but a real war with Korea . Iran if not with the rest of the word that is affected by these sanctions for which our Congress in solely responsible . Congress is for Congress and how to keep their pockets lined. They are totally out of touch with the American people because they have never lived the life and ordeals of the American people. It may be time to act and let your representatives know that America does not want more conflicts and war.
The swamp Trump tried to drain can not be drained.
Personal interests and lining their pockets will always
come first with  Congress.

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