Bill Rebane for Governor

Bill Rebane for Governor of Wisconsin

That’s right I am running again. As an independent. If you want Wisconsin to continue to be a great and prosperous state, start thinking outside the box. The idiocy of today’s political climate can not continue.
The time to act, is now.
Wisconsin’s future lies in: “Individual freedom” – “Shrinking Government “
“The entrepreneurial spirit” – “Independent thinking” – “Superior Education”
“Manufacturing productivity” – “The Family Unit” – “Slashed Regulation” and a “slashed bureaucracy” – ”No Obama Care “ and “ In God We Trust.”

” States Rights” will be a key issue in the coming years. To reverse; “Obama’s transformation of America”. The lies, the corruption and the road to communism.
Stop it now….. Screw political correctness

I will not hold long speeches and provide you with useless political rhetoric. and
bull shit. You the voters know what’s wrong. Now is the time to make some real
decisions and get government out of your lives. We want our country and our
freedom back.

Vote Bill Rebane for Governor

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