Bill Rebane Piracy watch progress

Since the crime of Video Piracy costs Americans some 370.000 jobs a year
finally major law firms are taking notice and filing law suits . Check out
the Prenda Law firm in Chicago that lists all the” cases in progress”.
The big one by this writer against the king of Piracy Philip Hopkins
and Film Chest Media Group is yet to come. It is hard to believe that
some 80 percent of Americans have taken part in crimes without even knowing it, by downloading music or movie titles. The latter is not what this writers
ramblings are all about . Piracy watch targets only the professional thieves
that give the motion picture industry and legitimate film distributors a bad name . Violent crimes that result in death, bodily harm and physical property, demand and get instant attention followed by prosecution. In video Piracy by
means of the internet or DVD copying and marketing is a silent
crime that has been ignored ever since the beginning of the Digital
revolution. Until now that is. Because the lawyers have found a new
venue to cash in. This writer predicts that soon television commercials
will solicit film makers for class action law suits against professional
pirates and crooks on the order of Film Chest Media Group and all those
who have been robbing film producers of their intellectual properties
for years.

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