Clintonville Booms News Flash

Who would have thought of it. Earthquakes in Wisconsin ? Not only did it scare the living daylights out of the human farm town residents, but it made the” Moochee” population move it’s entire flock up north” to
Saxon Wisconsin. They were giving too many milkshakes instead of
just milk during the Boom times. Just in case my valuable readers don’t know;
Moocheez are the the most loved creatures in Wisconsin. They have been around
since l947 when a lonely strange flying disc landed on a pasture of Farmer
Elmer Schmalz. The near human like creatures with huge oval eyes disembarked from their flying craft and were met by Elmer Schmalz’s friendly
Holstein cows. Their eyes met. And then,….. The rest is history.
Several years later . Wisconsin became the first place on earth to
have ” Moocheez”. They are friendly. They are highly intelligent. And are the
only aliens in America that have voter ID cards.

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