Confession ? Or just news?

That’s one hell of a statement. I am thinking about the deficit. And I have to ask
myself: What deficit? I was a communications director for several years
for an off shore trust controlled by the CIA. Then it was all top secret
and clandestine information. Today it is all public info. Go to” Slide share”
and the Marcus gold. Or Five Star Trust. There are more trillions around
then carter has peanuts,to solve the deficit problem, So what’s the big deal ?
I’t’s part of joke,…. That the average American will never understand or comprehend. Leave it that way. And you won’t get pissed off.

How about couple of few hundred trillions that would erase the deficit ?
Bet your ass it’s there. After all , who would believe that our Government
is broke? Only the sheep.

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