Corrupt or Sickening

…..Or both, are the only words for the American Legal system today.
From the very top on the federal level the system is in shambles infected
with incompetence, bias and negligence.The Supreme court is driven
by political bias party allegiance ,depending on who appointed the
respective judges.The same goes for the law makers in congress,who create
all the laws, many of which can not be or will not be enforced. Or are
useless .Except to put additional costly burdens on American citizens.
The FBI is understaffed and has it’s hands full with NSA and Terrorists
related problems.. Drugs , murder and mayhem. State prosecutorial
Agencies all the way to the lower levels of county prosecutors are
either ignorant , under educated, under trained to cover anything out of
the norm of crime such as murder, terror, drug trafficking and or marital
abuse. But violent crimes are not the only ones that plague America.
What about the ordinary citizen that has been abused and injured
financially by con artists , crooks and swindlers ? Robbed of their
life’s work and income thereof fore ever due to negligence and incompetence
by state and county prosecutors, who are brain dead when it comes to
anything out of the ordinary.
That is the case with intellectual property rights laws. Copyright infringement laws , all of which are protected by laws created by congress and in effect now. I.P and piracy laws are felonies, punishable be huge fines( to the government) and lengthy prison terms. To obtain prosecution is
impossible. District attorney’s and state Attorney’s are inept, uneducated
and don’t even know what the words Intellectual property mean.Yet
alone understand it.The legal system makes it’s money with rising court
fees, subsidies and taxes to pay it’s practitioners and the huge paperwork system it has created. A total disregard for the average citizen who can not make ends meet. Yet alone pay the outrageous
legal fees to unscrupulous lawyers.
The Word ” Justice for all ” is a sham and a gross deception purportrated
on the American public. Lawyers always have jobs. Do Citizens ?
This may be food for thought when evaluating the Washington
Establishment which has taken total control over the people.When it should be the other way around.
Commentary on todays time
Bill Rebane

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