How are Internet giants like AMAZON and IMDB stopped from contributing
to criminal acts? They can’t be stopped. Because they are covered by
the incompetence and negligence practiced by our good Congress of the
United States. AMAZON is getting fat while aiding criminals with stolen
or pirated goods and selling them no holds barred. Shamelessly.
How can they get away with it ? They have a army of lawyers. And Congress
( all lawyers) who wrote bad laws and were negligent .Protect the criminals
and punish the victims.Filing lawsuits against AMAZON or IMDB is useless
Their army of legal beavers will devour anyone that attempts such
foolishness. This is the only source on the Internet where one will
hear about such crimes as IP theft and Piracy with out holds barred.
Don’t shop AMAZON- and don’ take IMDB by what they post.
In plain english. This writer goes on the record with :” Shove it AMAZON
Sooner or later you will get cought by an equal army of lawyers
and pay up.Cheers. AMAZON
Bill Rebane

About billrebane

Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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