Deep Freeze& movie making

Hello there sports fans and movie buffs. Near the shores of lake superior
it was 24 below zero this morning. If there are any movie makers out there , You will
enjoy this.little story or remebrance. l982 was a year I remember too well in connection with the current deep freeze temperatures. The Production of The Capture or Bigfoot.
B movie fans and Drive in theater patrons might remember it. It was
30 below for a solid week. No, not wind chill factor. We thought it was warm
when it got up to l5 below zero. Once you start production on a low budget
movie, there’s no stopping. It has to be done , no matter what the hick ups
or tricks of mother nature bring. This was film not video. 35mm cameras do no work very well in below zero temperatures. If ” Reality Shows ” would have been “in “at that time. Even good ole Hollywod could have learned a few tricks from the greatest crew anyone could ever wish for in the making of a
motion picture under adverse conditions. These young Wisconsin
professionals were the toughest , most seasoned out doors trained
Wisconsinites one would ever want to meet. 90 percent of the shooting
was exteriors, with many of the  locations only accessible by snow mobiles.
panavision cameras are big They need a two to three man crew to
operate. Even more so in low temperatures . Frozen feet and fingertips
don’t work well for actors or crew, Try smiling once when you think you have
no fingers for feet. Or try following focus without a glove in 15 below.
The worst of all is working with a hundred sled dogs that were suppose to
pull a sled not screw each other. Animal lust was not part of the script.
In all the subject matter could fill pages with material for a bizarre reality comedy show. To all those suffering under the deep freeze spell . Things
and conditions could always be worse. Cheers and a happy new year.


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