Political guest writer;  Arturo Smith

But thats not what Hillary meant. Really now. She meant “depend ables”. It was just another slip of the tongue as usual.
After all she does sound like a broken record already
with no plan and no positives. Her rhetoric is
the same we heard from all politicians for a century
And then the poor woman fainted .
Who wouldn’t ? After all the lies she has told.
We know. It is not nice to be making fun of someone
who is sick. But this gal is really very sick and has the
nerve to run for president of the United States after
allowing top secret documents to get into the hands
of our adversaries. Yet this all amounts to peanuts.
What is far worse are the deplorable lefties
who still after all the confirmed lies, try to make
excuses for this miserable piece of S*^$%.
Her deplorable supporters are as guilty as she is
in dividing this country.
While Trumps basket is full of common sense,
logical solution for America. Hillary ‘s basket overflows
with lies, corruption and four more year of
Obama ‘s failures.
The deplorable left, who ever they are , will vote
HRC even if she governs from behind bars.
Good evening and Good night
Arturo Smith.

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