Doomsday Preppers

While “Doomsday Preppers” is another unique concept in reality shows
Just how close does it get to the underlying truth of the issue. Since it
does not premiere until February 9th , that’s three days after this writing.
The concept ; Of preparing for doomsday, does not seem all that far
fetched nor does it seem unfounded.
To all those who as whole have their heads in the sand which unfortunately
are the majority of Americans The doomsday show will just be another reality
show to them. Or, could it possibly be more then that ?
To those who read, or better yet, read between the lines doomsday
in what ever form it takes when it comes, could be much closer then
anybody has ever thought. Even Ignoring the prediction , that on December
12, 2012 a meteor will will collide with the planet earth. The drawing near
of end of life as we know it,is coming a little closer for real.
Oddly enough,in the event the meteor prediction coming true , all the
doomsday preparations as will be portrayed on the reality show will not make a damn bit of difference. As in such a cataclysmic event absolutely nothing
will be left. And, if there is . Who would want to survive it?
On the other hand, the real reality lies in what is happening to America right
now. A Divided country. All while the middle east unrest is growing to
uncontrollable proportions. Anarchy even in this country is on the rise
and what ever is not covered or thought of in connection with doomsday,
American politics will take us there .
There is not a single candidate running for the presidency that can solve the problems ailing our society. Those who think Obama is the answer can expect
at very least a socialist America , if not communism.
If the doomsday preppers have it right and are not just waiting for a meteor
to hit this planet , They may be right on target. By hoarding food
medicines, weapons, and energy giving supplies. Because that end of the
scenario is just too real.And there are good reasons to believe in it.
Gas prices are on the rise as are food prices. The fictional deficit is climbing
to scare everyone. Education is in the bucket. The media tells us only what
washington wants us to hear. In all, ” Doomsday Preppers” may just be more
then a just another reality show.. It may  be well advised to look around read between the lines and get  an even  better look at our culture and world affairs to realize where it is all going.


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