Endorsing Trump . Why?

Here are some damn good reasons why Americans should be
endorsing and or sticking with Donald Trump. First. He is not
a politician . He may blunder and say stupid things, but i’s right from the gut
without script or teleprompter. He is a died in wool American and speaks
with passion about America and and what America needs most, after
8 years of blunders and establishment nightmares. He sends a strong
message to the world that has lost respect for our country under Obama.
Cruz may be a good guy with similar promises, But he is still a politician
and well rehearsed. He is beginning to sound like a recording.
When yours truly ran for Governor of Wisconsin on the Reform party
ticket I worried about making mistakes and did. because everything came from the gut. And I addressed similar issues of what is good for Wisconsin not special interests. Gov. Doyle was full of B.S. but had the money from the political machine. I had nothing , except guts
passions and the good of Wisconsin on my mind. “Trump it is”. Because
I see nothing but the same old and more same old with Cruz and Kasich
both will bend to the establishment , when push come to shove.
Where ever it goes,… The establishment will do everything to stop
Trump , taking down the RNC into the gutter. If that happens a revolution
in some form is bound to follow.
Meanwhile continue to swallow the continuing crap the establishment
and the media feeds you with silver spoon. And,.. Continue to see Christianity under fire, morals decline and our country sinking deeper into
debt into the abyss of terror and Regulation Nation like you have
neve seen before ….
Bill Rebane
Independent for a better America

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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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