Enough is enough

Take a look at our wounded warriors America. Look at the faces of our
young soldiers who come back without limbs and will  never be able to
touch or feel the faces of their wives and children again. Not to mention those faces that were taken from us permanently . Your relatives, brothers, sisters
sons, daughters grand kids. Take a good look at the faces of our
young American warriors that we send into battle for the sake political
gains and nation building. For  people that don’t care, or even hate us. It make this writer sick to his stomach and leave me at a loss for words.

It is one thing to defend one’s country against aggression and to preserve
freedom . It is quite another matter to send our young men into harms way
and mingle in other nations affairs under the guise to wipe out terrorism.
While the American public is being spoon fed bullshit information that it is
our duty to preserve human rights and freedom in far away lands.
At what cost?   More  young American lives.?
My father was a freedom fighter for his country of Estonia when
communist Russia decided to annex the Baltics into their sphere
of control. He fought for his home, his honor his family and his country
Not to forget human rights and freedom. But, he did so voluntarily and
and for a damn good cause.
Afghanistan, Syria Lybia? A good cause? Bullshit and lies.  But that is what we
are told to believe. While we save foreign lives in this nation building process we are
giving up our own children’s lives for causes that are never ever clear.And  in countries were there is no regards for human lives to begin with, as they keep killing each other  daily. Take a good look at the story of Travis Mills who recently steppedon a IUD in Afghanistan    and lost all of his limbs. And think of the kid you know that is up for dutyfor purposes of nation building.

The tea party is not enough to make a difference  and change from idiocy to
sanity . It will take all of America to stop the slaughter and maiming of
of our service men. Stop the nation building process and  take care
of America first. Look at all our wounded warriors . Then tell me
if our government is right or wrong?

Bill Rebane

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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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