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Janyary 15, 2012

Video piracy affects Saxon , wiscconsin Resident

Over one million dollars in monetary losses claimed by a Saxon resident from video and internet piracy of movies. Five out of twelve feature motion pictures produced and directed by Saxon resident Bill Rebane are earning millions of dollars on a global basis for video pirates which include Google and other major internet conglomerates, and not counting hundreds of other independent internet, distribution manipulators. Internet video piracy in all, cost the Motion Picture industry billions of dollars annually while Congress is dragging it‘s feet to enact legislation for further copyright protection extending into internet streaming practices.
While Rebane is one of many Independent Producers facing the loss of income from this problem, he is one that has taken the bull by the horn through a network of interested fans in tracking down piracy operations according to Rebane. It has cost himapproximately $50 to $ 100 thousand dollars a year in lost income. Multiplied by 10 to 14 years comes to far over a one million dollars.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1996 addresses the issues of copyright protection but, did nothing to address electronic piracy and streaming on the internet.

Rebane, while semi retired from the film industry living in Saxon, is joining the efforts of Media and Studio giant Rupert Murdock to press for urgent legislation so copyright protection is extended to include electronic copying and theft of literary property on the internet .

Currently the only road block is the White House and the Obama administration siding with Silicone Valley, and soft ware producers, who claim congressional actions will step on free speech and first amendment rights.
Complete idiocy Rebane says, as then, the White House might as well lobby or pass an executive order giving the public at large a license to steal.

Just last week Rebane filed criminal complaints with top Federal and State prosecutorial agencies in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and next week in Indiana, to which piracy of his movie titles can be traced.

This is by no means a trival or small issue for Wisconsin, stated Rebane who for over thirty years built and operated the one and only full time feature film studio complex in gleason Wisconsin. Even in semi retirment his new production entity would turn residiuals and income from his films into further theatrical production efforts , that would result in jobs, a flow of revenues into the nortern Wisconsin area and promote tourism.

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