Film Festival Challenges Obama Gun Control moves

News Release
February 19, 201`3
Unprecedented Film Festival Challenges Gun Control efforts

The Cinetarium film festival May 3rd-5th, 2013 to take place at the Plaza Hotel in
Wausau will be a cut above the average film festival.
While the platform of the Festival is to promote and encourage independent
film making and Wisconsin film history with emphasis on Hollywood’s golden
era ( l930 to l960’s)the festival crosses into the line of politics and national
controversy with its message is “ Movies “ more dangerous than guns.
The issue of violence in movies and how such relates to young film viewers
around the globe
While scientific proof of violence in film and its effects on the human mind are
insufficient or provide definitive conclusions. Unquestionably, films made
under Hollywood’s production code of ethics for decade’s better portrayed
traditional American values without the need of excessive graphic violence.
It is the viewpoint and opinion of Independent Artists Pictures that it is our right
under the constitution to own guns without supervision of the federal
Our mission is to bring such topics into the light as we wrestle with the question,
Do violent movies cause an increase in violence ? Or , does increased
violence in movies decrease violent behavior?”
The issue of violence in movies and how such relates to young film viewers
around the globe will be a topic for discussion between independent film
makers and leading psychiatrists. And will be a highlight of the
Cinetarium film Festival- Plaza Hotel in Wausau Wisconsin .
Leading Authors and psychotherapists will take part in the open forum
in form of a Town Hall meeting of film makers , experts and Parents of
teen age children.
Contact : Baje Creative. P ublic Releations
Cinertarum Film Festival
E mail- baje@centurytel. net

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