July 22.17  Gleason Wisconsin

A tiny little historic Evangelical Lutheran church in
Gleason Wisconsin .The Estonian Ev. Martin Luther
Church has withstood the elements, neglect and
prior vandalism for over a hundred years only to
become a target again during the process of restoration to unscrupulous, vicious church and christian haters.
Be they muslims. atheists or just teen criminals
grown locally . This is the seventh time 7/19/17  for
this iconic historic land mark
that receives thousands of visitors a year from all parts
of America. An expensive hand crafted solid Jade
cross just recently donated by a church member
was splattered with oil based paint. Now nearly
un repairable. In prior incidents; Grave stones were
beaten on with hammers and turned over . Hundred year old church benches war demolished and the
entrance doors, freshly installed ripped out of their
hinges. It all began a year ago when a young couple
visited the church while a small work reparation crew was present . The young couple, in their late teens dressed in black , began to ask questions about
the history and future of he church and then
proceeded to tell a volunteer worker that they thought
the muslim religion was much better then  Christianity. It should be noted the young male visitor brandished a 16 inch dagger hanging from his belt. It was no hunting season. Upon inquiring for the purpose of their visit?
The couple explained that they were on their way
to  a school reunion in La crosse Wisconsin. And that
they came all the way from North Carolina. A strange
co incident. Since the Church and Gleason would be
over three hours or more north of their destination.
All occurrences have been logged by the Lincoln
Country Sheriff’s department but no  suspects
but no hope to solve these issues in sight.
The total estimated damages now come to some
five to six thousand dollars. And the Church needs
help in form of volunteer workers and or cash donations for not only current repairs and roof replacement , but now for sure a security system as well. Any reader wishing to help, Please go to the First Estonian
Church Website or write to baje@centurytel. net

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  1. It really a shame that there are mean spirited people that have nothing better to do than destroy property. We have visited a few times this year and found the cross to be a wonderful addition to the church. I would add a picture but I suspect the comment format does not accept
    Thank you again for all you work. The foundation looks fabulous!!

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