Fiscal cliff and more…..

Can the fiscal cliff be avoided? And, should it be? Since the election one must wonder about the republicans . It’s leadership, It’s strategies if not it’s choice of candidate in the first
place. Have they never heard of : Nice guy’s finish last ?
In any event, the nightmare goes on. As does the hype and spin of who’s fault everything is.
And does that really matter. What escapes me is the why the so called greatest nation on earth has to borrow money from china to pay for ti’s operations and obligations.

It is even more difficult to believe some of the mainstream media;s spin on the ‘Fiscal Cliff”. when some claim that the
the US and or certain people in control of our government
have access to funds that could erase the
deficit and pay for such ten times over again.
So were are these ‘secret funds”? And who controls he
purse strings of trillions of dollars ?
The questions , facts, speculations of anything with such huge implications and consequences surely will be explained
away as conspiracy theories, scams and fraudulent at best
under the heading of “ too hot to handle” or “science fiction”.
A friend alerted me to some writings on the Internet by
a writer named Wayne Madsen ( Washington DC ) and more
recent follow up internet stories about a certain trust .
Five Star Trust to be exact.
At first glance these writings read like a grand claim of
riches accumulated through clandestine means by certain
individuals in high places in our government.In volumes of
pages of documents , claims and statements , there is only
one document that seemed of vital importance , One that
begs the question of the ultimate reality of the Five Star Trust
story and financial holdings.

A legal action filed against a former President by one
JR Horn ( Five Star trust) for the release of certain top secret documents , that would clear the name of one JR Horn
in connection with his involvement as the “front man” in certain clandestine money making or collection operations
that according to Five Star Trust have resulted in the accumulation of trillions of Dollars around the world and could
be used to eliminate the deficit ten times over again. What is
important here is the ruling of the court in this case.
Which simply was , in favor of the Defendant ;And that the
essential documents sought would not be released unless
by signature of the President of the United States.

The latter of the above has become a public document
and can be seen by anyone on the globe seeking to read such.
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With such and many more documents having become public
All prior writings of one ; Wayne Madsen
seem to fade into the realm of science fiction writings.

The questions that arise for this writer are simple ones.

Why would an individual or organization expose itself to
public scrutiny and criticism with an open to the public law
suit against a former president , just for the fun of it? And with
out any reason or basis for such.?

Forming an opinion based on this leads yet to several more questions:
Why can the CIA documents sought not be released?
What is it, that is so damaging?
Leading to the bottom line question: Who does one
believe ; The plaintiff, or The Government ?

One might think that that is exactly what the system ,so to say,
wants one to ponder over.

Since there is so much material available on the Internet in
connection with this issue, it is difficult to understand that
the mainstream media or fox have not touched on it. However
in a political climate as it exists presently there is so much
dirt and blame thrown in all direction that maybe we just don’t
need another media blitz and explosion to fill the airwaves waves with more controversies conspiracies and or cover ups.

Last but not least, If indeed there are trillions of funds including
gold, one would think that in the best interest of America as a whole somebody would come to the table and settle this issue
for the benefit of all.

One must wonder, in view of all the secrecy connected to this
and other issues that are being kept under wrap by our government. Why not keep this a secret as well under key and wrap. And just settle it in such way that there is a benefit for America. Pay off the deficit and avoid the fiscal cliff. The
last document published by Five Star wants to accomplish just that. And the put the
US back on the road to financial prosperity and independence again.
So,… where lies the solution ?

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