FIZA an opinion

Most interesting. FIZA stands for ; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act, That was
amended after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. President. Obama is correct in his statement that it does not apply to American Citizens.” If” . And “if” is the magic word. ” if” there is no corruption in any of the agency vested with the power
by the President to oversee and enforce this law.Then Americans have nothing to fear or worry about.
As mentioned in one of my Tweets ( Twitter) I am not at all sure the
ordinary citizens needs to know everything. That would take the secrecy
out of the word “Secret” which is what intelligence gathering
is all about. ” If” , the magic word; “If” there was no corruption
involved on part of all the agencies empowered by the President to
enforce and or act on this law. Americans should not worry.
Unfortunately in war, intelligence gathering and keeping secrets is not only
necessary but essential. Would it not be for the inter net and the media
we would know nothing. And do we really need to know more,” then we need to know”? ( I know, another can of worms)
In this writers opinion , the concern is not about FIZA the law. but
the people in charge. (FIZA   court?) That means this or any other administration. Who can we
trust? That is really what it is all about. Comfort levels.
FiZA has been around since Jimmy Carter’s exec. order l979. Who is in charge?
And and who can the American People trust? That’s the bottom line.
Keep the secrets,… But keep us Free .

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