Good bye America

Commentary on our times. Bill Rebane
Good bye to the good old USA as we knew it. Once respected in world,
dynamic economy, a undivided nation without political correctness. The new generation does not remember that or has a clue of what middle age or older Americans are talking about. Corrupt
politicians , all part of the “Washington Establishment” have sold
their constituents down the drain. Are lying to us , while lining their
own pockets. That goes for republicans and democrats alike. Some
worse and unscrupulous then others. For eight years, the Establishment, our elected representatives have allowed a muslim to lead America and to take it into the abyss of despair and corruption.Education is in the bucket. Our armed forces are shrinking to dangerous small size and our brave young soldiers and law enforcement are fighting crime and terror with political correctness handcuffs. No longer can one fight an enemy with such restriction
and such dangerous leadership. Yet these are the facts and we have allowed  it to happen. The very end is near for the good old USA if yet another, lying corrupt and self centered individual like Hillary becomes the next leader of this country. Thus far , Donald Trump
it the only non politicians who is speaking for the true Americans
echoing what we the people have wanted to express for eight years.( but were afraid to say.)
Trump. Critizised for his sometimes rude but straight from the hip and heart outspoken outrageous choice of words. One thing is sure. He is a true red white and blue American who is risking his own fortune to make America great again. The proof is in the pudding. CIA director Brennan clearly admits, America is not winning the war against ISIS. Subsequently,  massacres like Orlando will be common occurrences. America is at war. In war the rules of war must
be observed. Not American civil and criminal laws. In war,  generals
lead.  Not a corrupt White house. Or the media .Or civilian expert opinions. Speculations and opinions as heard around the clock though the media , will not do away with Radical islam. All hogwash. It is high time that all Americans get a grip on themselves get together with a ” United front” and let the Generals, the CIA the FBI and law enforcement leaders fight the war against Radical Islam under military rules. And let the politicians and potus go take a jump in the lake.
Enough is enough is enough already.


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