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Well, Here’s a bit of reality. Just wished happy birthday to my director of Photography for
40 years, Jack Willoughby who turned 97 years old yesterday.April 3. Jack was the camera
operator on Oklahoma,Save the Tiger and the original Battle of the Bulge.
He worked for me and with me and was my most valuable mentor/ teacher as well.
He has called me every week for the past ten years with a dream he is still dreaming.
To go back to “Melos” Greece and re shoot a documentary we did there , eons ago.
His dream has not died. Bless you Jack my friend. And yes. He still looks at skirts…
And dreams about Mitchell and Arriflex Cameras .
To look at his credits one would have to go to IATSA union records. He is a forgotten
For you young one’s out there; It was an incredible skill and talent to operate a 200 pound mitchell camera on a hundred pound gear head. With twenty pounds of lenses.
( on a hercules crane.) Compare that to your diital HD piece of shit.
Happy birthday again.

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