He wants to be ,…. But…

Now it’s really very simple. If Obama wants to be a Monarch, King or Ruler of
these once great United States , then why not come right out with , Or,
at very least attempt to follow in the foot steps of the great monarchs and rulers , like Tzar Peter the Great of Russia, who’s tireless efforts brought
his people out of the darkness of ignorance into the light. And, who  build St Petersburg practically with his own hands. ( for the love of his country and it’s people.)    That’s is exactly what this country desperately needs now.
Is it not amazing to hear, that the now President of Russia , Vlademier Putin, advises Obama and the british prime minster not to go t in the direction of marxism  or communism ; ” because it will not work”

Bill Rebane
A profound and amazing revelation to hear our of the t mouth of a former tyrant and KGB agent. It may not  be  too long

before Americans will start applying  for Green cards to  Russia.  Be assured , no chance of illegal immigration to there…..


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