Trump promised to change repeal Obama Care ; ” Repeal and Replace”But the traitors in Congress are derailing all  , with Ryan in the lead they are shoving another Obama care plan down our throats. The undrained swamp will not let Trump do what he wants to do. That is quite clear by now.
Congress had over a year to think about a new health care bill . What have
they done; ” Nothing” , Ryan followed by the whole swamp
creature establishment .  Our lawyer politicians  sure as hell have not been drained from their murky water of that smelly stink hole they dwell in.
As a staunch Trump supporter and conservative this writer
is sickened by the double talk ( speak with “forked tongue”
republicans in congress. Next voting day they may get a
surprise new message. Wake up and learn more about the
people you shameless politicians represent.
There are hundred ways to solve he health care problem
But they reject everything that would work. “Medical Co ops”.
a “National Health care´ lottery ” .or going back to the
brilliant plan Ross Perot created when he was running
for President. God forbid they should be creative.
After all they are all lawyers. And swamp creatures.
Trump has a creative mind. If given a break from
from Ryan and the rest of the swamp creatures
he could and would provide a plan as promised.One that works.
Not a chance that will happen with Ryan leading.
Speak up America and wake up

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