Hollywood kills people

Under the guise of ” Entertainment” The Hollywood establishment continues to
send the world blue prints for Killing. Violence and murder. Billions of little
film frames are continuing to reach billions of viewers around the globe
with billions of little subliminal messages that will be indelibly imprinted into
the minds of young, old and unstable minds.
Violent video games only are a small part of the process of destroying our
young people. Nothing can be as devastating as film frames. Each frame
representing a message too easily absorbed and filed as subliminal
images by the sub-conscience and unsuspecting minds of audiences the world over.

Only the  moral corruption of the Hollywood system can

be held responsible for poisoning the minds of movie goers and massacres like

NewTown and the Colorado theater killing spree.
Ever since  Hollywood turned it’s back on the self governing “code of
ethics” prior to the 1940’s More blood , guts, violence and sex-ploitation
has been produced by the “Suits” of la la land.
Until Washington, Congress and the public at large rejects the garbage, mayhem

and murder on the silver screens of the world and says no
to Hollywood and video game violence , nothing will change and the
next disaster is just a foregone conclusion.
There is only one place on earth more corrupt then “Washington”,
“Hollywood” where conservative talented old timers, writers, directors
and producers of family oriented general audience films have to hide
by huddling in small groups in secret meeting places to just discuss

the way it was when good story material and character driven
movies entertained the world. A Sad scenario for such a powerful
industry that has all the means to change the thinking of humanity
and bring out the good in people instead of making killers out of
our young people.

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