Indy Pictures

Indy pictures

With a bit of time on my hands and getting away from writing, been doing some research on independent film activity in general. And it is sickening. Some things are drastically wrong. Have looked at
dozens of trailers and indy production companies. These kids have not a clue of what film is all about.
While I am a great supporter of young film makers the situation is more then tragic. These young people in chasing their dreams think that expensive equipment and computer gimmicks will help them succeed.
What is amazing to me is they attract decent talent. Some that would have good screen potential but is wasted because there is no substance, meaning or good story content or material. Most of what I am seeing is sci-fi horror gimmick oriented crap. The market for such is other young people who also do not know what movies are all about. From the very beginning movies have been a means of entertainment. For film makers a creative expression with purpose of providing
entertainment and escapism. The imagination takes
care of all you cannot see. That’s why we were given
a brain. Not one that takes everything away and we loose that asset of humanity when we get hit over the head
with visuals, blood guts and horror. There is nothing
left for the imagination. And that is the death of good
film making… More on indie pictures later……
Bill Rebane

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