It will be too late AMERICA

As an Estonian I have every reason to hate Vlademir Putin
and I do . Remembering the flight form communist russians
in a covered wagon for over two years. I was five and six
years old then. But I  remember ever horror of world war
2. And I thought I would never experience such horror
again.  But it’s coming. I was 15 when I came to America as an immigrant. After one year in an immigration camp in Germany being vetted and prepare for life inin the USA. For a kid then it was a adventure and just part
of life. Upon arriving in America I never missed a day of
work in my life. And I became an
American faster then I could blink an eye. It represented freedom
and afforded me the opportunity to be successful in life.
I lived the American Dream to the fullest. A millonaire at age  20 and ,more then a moderate success in an industry I could have never dreamed of getting into, The business of movies.
The American dream does not guarantee success. One has
to work for it and earn it. It’s just as easy to loose a million
then to make a million. If one tries hard. All the time while
pursuing the American dream I never lost sight of  my heritage
or cultural ties.  Where I was born (Latvia) and what country
I was and am a citizen of. Estonia and America( dual citizen ship is not unusual) and determined by the laws of a country) Never the less
I have been a red white and blue American ever  since I stepped
foot on on these shores.
Since that day the world has changed. Drastically.
Putin Remains an Enemy of the Baltics. Rusia dominated
them for all of the Cold war and before.
That becomes the thrust of this writing. After studying
him for some time now. He is a product of the KGB
which is like the CIA. ” Once member , always a member”.
Yet, he is also the leader of Russia with emense powers
and huge arsenal of nuclear weapons. Powerfull as are the
United States. Realizing that,  a stance of diplomacy and
co existence is essential. From this writer research,
Putin wants Russia to be for Russians. Like Trump
says ;”America First ” . No Muslims are threatening  to
take over Russia .And Putin just will not let that happen.
Trump is trying to do  just that in America . But no
body is listening. Specifically the radical left .The liberals
as whole. Assimilation by force has never worked
will never work. The Liberals ( with no intelligence do not
get the messages) the meantime are promoting and pushing for another civil war in America.And it is  not far away right  now.
At this writing it  is closer then we think. Therefore the remedy  is not in escalating confrontation with anyone,  but act in unison with
other powers to defeat the threat of something worse then
communism. Isis and Sharia law in America.  Muslims
have hated christians since the year 700 and committed un believable atrocities against them
Therefore it may be wise to form an alliance with Putin. Rather
then allow the liberals and radical Islam to change America fore ever.
We know already what Putin wants most. Be the Szar
of the Russian Empire.  But  ” no”  to the the Baltics and further
expansion. So some deals are to be made .And Trump is the only on that
can do it . Ask the Germans   of how much they love forced assimilation  .

Bill Rebane

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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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