It’s too late. an opinion.

It’s one thing to have a president for one term who is a “on the job training
candidate.” Two terms just do not fly. Especially not when he turns out to be
a died in wool muslim with communist leanings.
Contrary to the now cry of
the left, ” We( the conservatives) don’t like him because he is man of Color. A crock of bull shit. So is Ben Carson a educated man of color . Intelligent and common sense individual who has lived the American dream and surely would
never lead this country into a crisis mode which we find ourselves in.
If Obama had any brains at all he would appoint Ben Carson chief of staff.
Better yet. Obama could resign and let real leaders take over the reigns
of government.
It’s so bad , that America will never dig itself out of this one.
The financial hole is one issue. But the real issue is Obama has changed
America’s Culture to such a degree that there is no return ticket
to a free America.( As only the seniors who built this country remember it)
Forget thinking about the American Dream. It’s done, gone and forget it.
The solution lies in, not over regulation but common sense regulations,
education, civility, compassion returning to the guidelines of the Constitution.

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