Judge Jeanine on Fox.

This lady is a winner. The only one to pick up and blast gun control “Obama Style” and make the connection between violent Hollywood so called Entertainment fare and gun violence. As a reminder , anyone can scroll back on
BIll Rebane Journal and see how long ago we penned the article of ;”frames
deadlier then guns”.   Thank you Judge Jeanine for picking up on this and bringing
this vital issue to the fore front.
Seems though, now we have another problem. The Entertainment Merchants
Association lobby. And, not to forget who the president of the Motion picture
Producers Association is. No other then the man that brought us the Frank Dodd
Bill . Senator Dodd himself. With organizations and leadership like that ; No worry: Hollywood, it’s Suits, it’s sluts and it’s gun and violence merchants are
are well protected and will continue to poison the minds of our young people. Obama will keep  his mouth shut because it’s Hollywood  that supports him big time.

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