Justice? Forget it

There are laws on the books. As one can see with the Boston issue . The NSA-The FBI- The Department of justice can not get their act together of how to
prosecute and bring to justice a bomber terrorist. It’s worse then a huge mess. Benghazi just keeps floating out there as well. So how can any one
in hell expect the law to work in less important issues.?
I write about video piracy researched for l4 years. Thoroughly. Investigation
concluded from viable prosecutorial agencies and those who are supposed
to enforce the law have not a clue of what to do. Or just too Lazy to do it.
Keep in mind the general public is paying their salaries. In the Meantime
back at the ranch,…. ( They call it congress) our elected representatives
all lawyers, continue to brainstorm, create and write new laws for every
little problem that pops up. For What? Tall about suppression, or
oppression. There are enough laws on the books that just gives the lawyers
more to do and bigger incomes. while we the public and the injured
keep being bled dry . And loose our freedoms  more  every flucking day.
It’s sickening and it does not matter what side politically one is on.
Put this is your pipe and smoke it for a while and think.
Be anxious to hear some responses to this.

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