Justice my Ass

I know a quite a few men who are divorced and paying child support . Some really
bad guys and some very great guys who work their asses off in support of their
children and former spouses.
But as usual, the law is the law is the law. Or is it ? Our justice system does not
differentiate between the good men or the bad men. It just lowers the hatchet with
the same thrust on good and bad alike. Lately I keep hearing that justice does
not exist . It echo’s through the halls of our courtrooms nationwide. Children are
a precious commodity. If one makes them the obligation t o take care of them
is incurred spiritually and ,materially speaking. There are fathers that care
deeply about their children and there are some who don’t give a damn.
Take a kid 21 who fathered two children. Is in the national guard and works
six days a week making and income of 1400 per month. Wisconsin law mandates
child support payments based on 29 % of the young mans income.. – $ 466.00 Dollars. His apartment rent is 500.00 and the court orders him to pay an additional 75.00 per week $ 300 a month for out side child care. Making a total
of $ l266.00 dollars. And leaving the young man $ 134 dollars for gas , Food, clothing and any miscellaneous expenses . This is not law or justice .This is idiocy and overreaching government control into the lives and well being of hard working americans. This same young man started working on a farm when he was
l4 years old. He is a responsible , educated , drug free hard working young man
who loves his two children and cares for them . And no. He does not get food stamps or any assistance from the state. Nor has he asked for it.
Is this writer an idiot ? Or, is this young man like millions of others being punished
unjustly, because Judges and law makers living on substantial tax payer
salaries play God ? And ignoring the real world while subsidizing the non workers
and welfare recipients. This kind of scenario that should make every american
sick to their stomach. Once again justice is turned up side down and works for
the guilty and certainly not for the victims of the system. Because the kid can’t make it on $ 33.00 a week, and falls behind in his child support payments ,… he
goes to jail. And another criminal is created at the taxpayers expense.
Isn’t this a winner?
BIll Rebane

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