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Got this from a friend and between the two—the original article and Chris’s comment—they sum up my feelings exactly… You’ll receive no more political emails from me because America is dead, may she R.I.P.

The letter below is exactly how I feel. I broke my ass and served my country to try to leave a better life for my kids. I thought I did a pretty good job. At least it was better than what I had growing up. Tuesday November 6th I watch it all go to hell in a hand basket. If this is what the country and this young generation wants, than they can have it. I am close to 80 so I don’t have many more years to go. I plan on sitting back and enjoying what life I have left, being able to say. “It’s what you wanted so live with it”. I will no longer donate a penny to any organization. Let Uncle Sam take care of you. I will longer pick up crap that people who don’t care, drop, when I walk the harbor in the morning. Screw it, let it blow into the ocean. Let some liberal deal with it. This American is clocking out. ~~Chris

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