Low down Hollywood

Once upon a time, there was a universally acclaimed screenplay, titled “Winter Roses” Embraced by Stars, production companies and studios.
Legendary Directors and legendary actors agreed to come on board
to make Winter Roses.A simple miracle love story , that spelled in simple terms ; A perennial feel good film, that would entertain viewers again and again every christmas season for years to come. That was until the big bad wolf got wind of it and actually made it , giving it the new title of; “Rosemont”.
The word Plagiarism seemed not to have been
familiar or very un important to the key Hollywood players known
as Daniel Petrie Jr. ( former President of the Writers guild of America)
and screen goddess Shirley Mclain. When they decided to plagiarize
the Winter Roses Screenplay long before any rights to the intellectual
propert y had been transferred to any one. ” Rosemont”  now made and
being sold in foreign countries now can also be seen on Movifone
and various internet streaming venues. The parts seen thus far of Rosemont by this writer look like abortions compared to the original Winter Roses set in the l960’s as a heartwarming love story.
Hollywood is not what it used to be, when a successful screen writer
and former president of the almighty Screen Writers Guild of America
has to steal another writers intellectual property, as ordered by
movie goddess Shirley Mc lain, the ultimate control freak. The story
of Winter Roses will continue , as legal actions may be sought by this
writer, who also created and wrote the Origianl screenplay
Winter Roses.

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