Mail regarding Trump

Wow. I am certainly getting a barrage of anti trump mail. Frankly I would
go for anyone; If it’s Peter Pan or Donal Duck as long as it is not an
Establishment candidate. So far the Washington Establishment has sunk this country into the abyss of despair and debt. Not to mention a country without justice. As far as Trump is concerned; I am not so sure that people really want Trump for what he is? But rather because he is the only one who is speaking out against the Establishment. “We” , a big portion of Americans had enough of the greed. lies. stealing. injustice and bull shit practiced by our (honorable ?) representatives in Washington.All their eyes are turning brown. As far as deviding the country?, Obama takes he cake. Short of inciting race wars. Clashes we already had enough of. In the meantime I am willing to bet.The establishment will fight to the end to get one of their own puppets into the White House. There is one other shot and opportunity however; If politics
keep going the way they are , Putin might make it and become the
Emperor. He is more calculating and savvy then all of Washington
put together. And he is laughing his head off watching this circus continue.
Now for Adolph Hitler. who was mentioned in a response to endorsing
I lived under him and there are times when I am forced to think that
I am still living under him with Washington ( or is it Joseph Stalin I am
thinking of?   We ran away from him into Hitlers frying pan…..
So where is the difference? Stalin took my grandparents property
Hitler took my parents property .And America’s system of in justice
took my property.Cheers to all of them,……….

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