The cries are heard around the world . How and where do
I get financing for my movie ?  Even if finally a movie
angel is at hand. How does one convince some one to part with their money
for a highly speculative film venture?  The cries of film makers
can be heard or read daily on internet sites such as Linked in and other film forums all day long.    The digital revolution has drastically changed the ways and practices of the Motion Picture industry as a whole and  everything connected with it. New ways  of  attracting angels are mandatory as well .   While opportunities grow. Finding money for production of movies is tougher then ever. Especially for independent producers and new comers to this enigmatic and highly specialized industry.  Money for movies reveals a new formula for independent film makers that will increase their chances for financing more then considerably  while making the” Angels”  happy to boot. Innovative if not revolutionary in it’s approach “The Formula” may well be the answer to the age old difficulty of finding and making  ”   ” Movie investors ” happy.

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