August 3. 17- by Bill Rebane

The new kid on the Block for Global Video on Demand
is BALCONY THEATER. COM signing with VCI Entertainment
of Tulsa Oklahoma to feature the vast VCI library of films.
One thousand hours of programming will be offered to
viewers around the globe Including most all genre’s of
film fare  to satisfy the huge variety of tastes of international
movie buffs and fans. And That’s just for openers.
Balcony will also feature a special section
and venue for new and upcoming independent film makers
to provide them with a platform that not only gives them
international exposure but a paycheck as well.
Content providers as a whole will also find a most favorable venue as it as it skirts the traditional Hollywood distribution system with creative book keeping methods and allows content providers to share in gross profits without traditional deductions  with the airing of their product.
Independents are welcome to go to Balconytheater for further information .
Collectors and fans of vintage, film noir and classics
will greatly enjoy the Balcony theater film fare..
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