Well now, there then,…. A word from a pirate has been received. Not directly
but through his lawyer of course . Threatening this writer with libel and slander
action for prior writings ,which happen to be the facts and the truth.
We understand the truth can hurt. But if one makes the bed. One has to lie it it .
The Attorney for Phillip Hopkins of Synergy Entertainment Inc. Fellow by the
name of Mitchell R . Olson of Madison Wisconsin probably has not done the
research on his client and does not realize that what is said on my blog is
public information. With copies of the whole enchilada sitting in the offices
of prosecutorial federal and state agencies.
Best yet , is the fact that Mr. Hopkins who often became very confused about
facts , dates, deeds and stories told. May have forgotten that he himself
disclosed the details of his illegal actions and deeds to this writer. I assume
he did that to evoke sympathy and convince this writer and spouse that
he could be trusted and is going straight.
Strictly an opinion. One would think the prudent thing to do  would be  to reach out
to the injured and settle on issues that if perpetuated will just cost him
a ton of legal fees and invite further exposure if not some serious prosecution
by federal Agencies. And I would certainly press criminal charges for every single criminal deed from the very start.

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