No end to Movie Piracy

PIracy and intellectual property right theft has plagued the motion
picture and television industry since the beginning of the Inter net
revolution. Is there any end to it ? Not likely.
The l996 DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) passed by congress , is a good example of all brilliant idiocy by our over paid underworked representatives. Mostly lawyers as it so conveniently happens. We already know that the FBI warning label found on every DVD movie release is a sham. And does not mean didly Squat. Neither does the DMCA. over rated and worth shit. To protect big money interests congress left out the tycoons of the internet business.Certainly not by accident. Lets begin with the one everyone knows and loves. “Amazon” Good ole Amazon is just a facilitator of IP theft and piracy at large. They are just a Server and provider of a valuable Service ? Sure. In plain english. They can, if not have the right under the DMCA law to sell stolen goods for felons. Want to sell something? Sell it through Amazon. As an example. Amazon has no obligation or duty to demand proof of ownership before offering goods to their global customers. Thanks to the brilliant lawyers in congress. Like Trump says. Washington and the establishment needs a thorough rectal cleaning. In the meantime the victims, as we speak , continue to loose hundreds of thousand or millions collectively through the negligence and corruption of our legal system.
Even at the time of this writing Amazon once again is offering a movie title; “Demons of Ludlow” . released by a company shown as Sorority Pictures. Which of course can not be found anywhere.
W hile Amazon has been informed of this criminal act. There is not
even denial. Just Silence………..
Stand by for more idiocy and injustice in America……..

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